10 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is The Future

August 31, 2021
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August 31, 2021 chase.bloomcreativ

10 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is The Future

Videography is the new Marketing Strategy, and you need to apply it in your Business today!

Video Production Insights

With time evolving, the world of Business has grown too. Especially since the past year, but one thing that remains constant that is; video marketing is a prerequisite. No matter how big or small your Business is, videography can be a tool in helping your business flourish. Confused? Please read below to find out ten reasons why we believe video marketing is the future.


Videography plays a crucial role in the landscape of modern Business and has become essential to growth. Quite a few businesses are realizing the importance of videos and are making the most out of them. With the pandemic that hit last year, approximately 86% of brands have started using videos as a brand awareness tool.


If you are wondering whether a video is a marketing tool that you should be using today, you have come to the right place. We are going into the gory details and explaining why you should go for video marketing. Let’s get into it!


Reasons Why Video Production Can be Used


 #1 Video Marketing is the perfect way to attract traffic and promote sales:


Did you know research has found that approximately 76% of product sales have increased because of the videos that the brand has posted to create product awareness?


Hence, it helps us establish that videos are the perfect content that isn’t just effective but an exciting way to show the brand and its idea behind the product.

Using this visual means, brand awareness can be made perfectly.


The video includes colors, effects and by incorporating fun transition videos, a brand can quickly achieve what they want. Videography is an ideal attention-grabbing means and shows what you are putting out there in the market. From attracting traffic to help sell your products, videos are the perfect solution in times like today, when online shopping is a preference.


If people see videos, they’ll know what the product looks like and how they could use it—looking to achieve traffic and promote your sales? Create brand awareness and get video production started right now!


#2 Videography helps you get clicks on social media:


Approximately 1 out of 3 people today purchase a product after seeing a video on Instagram. People buy clothes, bags, shoes, stationery, and even food items by viewing different videos, proving that video content is vital.


Video content is essential in creating brand awareness and getting your product sold. By posting good quality content, people will eventually love your product; they’ll share your social handles amongst friends and family, ending up helping you out.


According to the research center of the University of Minnesota, people process visually displayed items 60,000 times faster than do an image. So if you are looking to promote your brand, video marketing is the answer to your queries. Go ahead, get started!


#3 Video content is everyone’s go-to:


70% of the businesses in Minnesota and worldwide are creating more video-based content than they were a year ago. People believe that video production is the perfect marketing tool. You can take over the blogger’s market by sending your brand products to the famous bloggers on the block all over Minnesota and get them to review your product.


If it’s clothes, these bloggers can create fun videos helping you build brand awareness for your Business and help you achieve the popularity and trust of the people you are looking for.


This brings us to why we believe video marketing is a perfect marketing tool that needs to be used by every brand today.



#4 Videography promotes trust and helps customers and producers connect:


The key to going above and beyond is to trust your customers and build customer loyalty. A video can be used as leverage to build a relationship between your brand and your audience.


Humanizing your brand is the perfect marketing tool and gets a person on board that is a personal favorite in Minnesota. This makes the video more authentic and your brand trustworthy in the eyes of the consumers. People in Minnesota and worldwide will feel a deeper connection and recommend your brand to others.


Brand Awareness? Check. Video Marketing? Check. Have the trust of the people of Minnesota? Check!


#5 Live Streaming Sessions Are Another Video Marketing Tool:


Live sessions have up the game of brands’ interaction with their audience. It’s the perfect way to understand what your consumers want and deliver them exactly as they require. Ads, video content, and images have their forms of brand marketing, but live streaming plays a good role when getting in touch isn’t possible.


Conduct questions and answers sessions every few days and know what your customers want to say to you. Streak product launches, reward the people in your live session by questioning them regarding video content that your brand posted; this is effective video marketing! Today 17% of the brands have switched to streaming sessions and have observed growth. Use this method and grow!


#6 Videography is a good ROI:


Using video marketing, getting people on board from different favorites from all over Minnesota, coming up with innovative ideas requires a good amount of investment. But these videos provide a good return on investment. Most of the brands assure that video production isn’t an easy task, but it’s paying off ideally.


Do not achieve perfection; instead, produce a video that’s imperfectly perfect and relates with the people.


#7 Google loves Video Marketing:


Adding many videos on your website or your website’s blog will boost your search engine ranking. Google helps you create brand awareness by allowing your website to appear on the top result of the query typed on Google.


It’s 53 times more likely! That’s huge. This shows how by posting engaging content on your website blog and social media handles, you’ll get the proper support from Google too!


Videography gets you these views and rankings; it’s safe to say that you need to begin today if you are not into video production.


#8 Smartphone users love Videos:


According to studies conducted by YouTube, video consumption on smartphones increases 100% each year. That’s a vast number, but it’s clear how mobile users love videos.


Video marketing is the preferred content on various social media handles but especially by mobile users. If a brand posts a video, they will observe that approximately 75%-80% of views will be from mobile users, especially if the video is on the brand’s Instagram handle.


A tip for brands making videos is to add short captions to make them a bit interactive and fun to watch!


#9 Video Marketing Communicates the Message Easily:


Launching a new product in the market? Create a video that is an easy way of storytelling and let your users know all about your product—looking to explain your service? What better way than to use video marketing to define your brand’s purpose and what you are willing to give.


Incorporate animated videos, use storytelling, and you’ll see your brand awareness rising. Give it a try!


#10 Incorporating Video Marketing and Email Marketing Make Brand Awareness Top-notch:


Are you looking to increase your brand awareness all over Minnesota and want people to love your products? Usage of video marketing, as well as email marketing, helps customers know what is new. You can quickly get emails through information portals and send them videos.


 Did you know that only writing the word ‘video’ can increase open rates by 7%? That’s how effective this marketing technique is.



It goes without saying that in times like today, video marketing and production is an essential marketing tool. If you have still not enjoyed video marketing, there isn’t any better time to do it. Amidst these technological and digital times, videos are a perfect way of storytelling and bringing your audience closer to your brand. It’ll help you connect with the different people in Minnesota and build a connection that’ll help you grow above and beyond.


Now you know where to begin!

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