Best Practices to Prepare for Your Interview

July 13, 2023
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Best Practices to Prepare for Your Interview

Are you nervous about your first video interview?

Imagine filming your first promotional interview; the lights are intimidating, and constantly throwing out questions takes your mind off and makes you feel as if you do not know the answer, causing sweating and a rapid heartbeat. This is a total disaster! 

Hold on! Don’t freak out, even if a million thoughts race through your head, stressing you out and interfering with your ability to respond confidently. Otherwise, your nervousness and irrational anticipation will ruin everything.

Don’t worry; we’ll not abandon you in the midst of your anxiety. We have the best practices to prepare you for your first interview on camera, and we are confident you will ace it!

Let’s get started!


Forget About The Camera

Whether you’re a social media manager, a creative director, or a marketing director, all of whom work tirelessly behind the scenes to build brands, it can be challenging for them to give 

interviews in front of the camera. You get nervous just thinking about facing the camera, right?

Wait! It’s only your anticipation! When you shift your gaze away from the camera and toward the questions to which you effectively respond. 


Remember, video editors will make you look and sound incredible, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Making mistakes is natural, but focusing on them ruins your confidence in a split second. If more interviewees are in the video, your part will only be a brief segment. 

As you know, a video interview is being planned. The producer and the rest of the crew will therefore come up with a question for you to approve that will be centered around your part and your story. The more you prepare yourself, the easier your interviews will be. 

Once you receive the interview questions, you have time to formulate your responses. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you prepare your interview questions that will boost your self-confidence. 


  • Tip 1: Trying to remember the writing scripts backfires on camera because it shows you performing the interview rather than giving it. 
  • Tip 2: Sometimes our minds ramble and loop in circles, providing high-level and bite-size responses that are quite helpful. So that you won’t go off-track 
  • Tip 3: Practice your responses and pronunciation correctly, and read them aloud repeatedly until you are comfortable with them, just as you would with a speech.


How to Dress for an Interview

Looking good on camera makes your interaction easy. Wearing neutral hues like blue, black, grey, and white with minimal logos enhances positive perceptions of you. Darker colours are more visible on camera. 

By the way, your viewer’s attention is on you, not your distracting patterns, designs, or logos. Even if you consider the background in which you are being interviewed, contrast your dress colour with it rather than blending it. 


Posture and “The Influence Zone”

When the production crew has finished setting up and preparing the equipment for filming, they will seat you and begin your interview. Don’t panic; they just briefly review the questions with you again. 

Make sure you straighten up your posture, whether you’re standing or sitting. That will make you appear more confident, both externally and internally. The interviewers feel you are less engaged with him when you slouch or fidget. With proper posture, your audience takes your words more seriously and is more attentive to what you are saying. You can lean forward slightly, which shows you’re more engaged.

Are you familiar with the Influencer Zone? It is the space between your waist and your chest, and as long as you keep your hands there, you have power in the room. Knowing where to place your hands and how to do this really makes others feel like you’re interested and confident. When you feel free to move your hands as you speak to effectively convey your expression.

Smiles and eye contact are another influencing factor in your interview. It shows you’re all ears, and so interviewers feel comfortable and interested in hearing more from you. Shifty eyes and the same facial expressions make you feel uneasy.

When we are nervous, we tend to show it through leg movements. Make yourself comfortable and free of distractions; otherwise, it ruins your interviewing confidence. 

Last but not least, be mindful of your voice delivery because when you speak, it reveals whether you are nervous or not. Do not become overly excited or emotional. Take a deep breath and pause before responding to the interviewer’s questions. Maintain a similar tone and energy of voice as the interviewer. 


Interview Time!

When you feel more unsettled than usual, with self-limiting narratives playing in your head on a loop. Remember, it is only a conversation between you and your interviewers. So before you start –

  • Calm your nerves
  • Drink some water
  • Shake your body 
  • Take a deep breath 
  • Then use your psyche rather than scripts

Don’t forget your scripts; just speaking clearly at a normal pace is enough. Because your interviewer is there to guide your responses in the right direction.  

What matters in the entire interview is your story and your point of view, which should be genuine and organic. Don’t let stress control you; relax and enjoy the moments with a smile.


Wrap up, 

The approach of a video interview is to be a conversation so that you feel comfortable showing your true self from start to finish and building a strong connection with interviewers. If you play both roles with confidence and efficacy as an active listener and speaker, you can overcome your self-limitations and be approachable to your audience. 

Above all, The list of best practices to prepare for your interview makes you confident and removes your doubts about portraying yourself, who you are, and what your story is. Stay focused and ace your interview!

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