Jun 25, 2024

Michelle Young Foundation: Bridging the Gap in Minnesota Education

Former Bachelorette Michelle Young is making an impact on education in our home state. This Minnesota native, with a passion for education from her days as an elementary school teacher, has dedicated herself to helping underserved youth through the Michelle Young Foundation.

Founded on the values of community, opportunity, and inclusion, the Michelle Young Foundation aims to bridge the achievement gap in Minnesota education. Their innovative programs target both students and educators, offering customized scholarships, educator partnerships, and engaging after-school initiatives.

Homework & Hoops, a program that combines academic support with basketball skills coaching, is an example of what the foundation is bringing to the table. Offered in public school districts, Homework & Hoops provides a fun and engaging environment where students can receive tutoring in literacy and math while also developing their athletic abilities. The program's "Learning Coaches" cleverly integrate basketball drills with educational concepts, making learning a fun and well-rounded experience.

The Michelle Young Foundation also recognizes the importance of educators. Through partnerships, they offer scholarships to deserving students, allowing them to participate in extracurricular activities that might otherwise be out of reach financially. This not only fosters well-rounded development but also strengthens the sense of community within schools.

Michelle Young's foundation is a testament to the positive impact reality stars can have. By leveraging her platform to address a critical need, she's creating real change in Minnesota's educational landscape. If you're interested in learning more or getting involved, visit the Michelle Young Foundation's website at themichelleyoungfoundation.org.

And here at Bloom Creativ, we're proud to be a part of Michelle's journey! Our video production company had the pleasure of capturing the energy and excitement of the Michelle Young Foundation launch party through stunning photos and captivating videos. Stay tuned to the foundation's social media pages to see our work and witness the incredible start of this impactful organization!

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All Rights Reserved | bloom Creative 2024

All Rights Reserved | bloom Creative 2024