Jul 8, 2024

Organic Photo Event Recap

We recently hosted a free public photo event, Organic, and it was a resounding success! Here's a look back at the event's overall vibe and what made it a win-win for everyone involved.

Creative Energy Flowed:

The studio buzzed with energy as models, friends, and everyday individuals came to see the two sets and get free photos! One set was a plain white backdrop giving the models an opportunity to get standard digitals, perfect headshots, or just clean looking images. The other set was moss focused with sheer white curtains in the back. This was a little more detailed and allowed the models to get creative with their posing and really stand out compared to the white backdrop!

Community Connections Flourished:

We offered free coffee and snacks which helped fuel lively conversations as people mingled and formed new connections. The casual atmosphere fostered a sense of community, with people exchanging ideas, sharing creative passions, and making new friends, and finding similarities with strangers.

Mission Accomplished:

Our goal was to offer a fun experience while showcasing our creative space. We achieved both! Attendees walked away with high-quality photos from two vastly different sets, while we connected with new potential clients, new connections, new friends, and fostered a sense of community within the local creative scene.

What Worked?

  • Variety is Key: Offering two distinct sets catered to a wider audience and allowed for creative expression.

  • Fueling the Fun: The refreshments helped keep the energy high and facilitated conversation.

  • Open and Inviting: The casual atmosphere encouraged people to mingle and build connections.

Check out our event recap video on Instagram!

Looking Forward:

The positive response to this event has us excited! We would love to host future gatherings that celebrate creativity, connection, and of course, fantastic photos (and video). Stay tuned on our website and social media!

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All Rights Reserved | bloom Creative 2024

All Rights Reserved | bloom Creative 2024