Two hands framing a view
Two hands framing a view
Two hands framing a view

May 10, 2024

Perfect Locations for Your Video

Scouting Success: Finding the Perfect Location for Your Video

The location you choose for any video production work can make or break the final product. A well-selected site can elevate the story, establish the mood, and create a visually stunning backdrop. That’s why location scouting is a crucial step in the pre-production process. In this blog, we’ll delve into the importance of location scouting and the steps we take at Bloom Creativ to find the perfect spot to shoot!

Why Scout It Out?

There are several reasons why location scouting is vital for any video production:

Visual Storytelling: The right location can act as a character itself, reinforcing the narrative and setting the tone. Imagine a heartwarming family commercial filmed in a cozy cabin versus a sterile white soundstage. The location sets the context!

Logistics Matter: Scouting allows you to assess the practicality of a location. Is there enough space for your crew and equipment? Is there accessible parking and power? Is the sun only hitting this spot at a certain time of day?

Permissions and Permits: Certain locations may require permits to film. Can we shoot in a parking garage at night or will the cops come kick us out? Scouting allows you to determine these requirements early on and factor them into your schedule and budget.

From Script to Scene: Your Scouting Roadmap

Now that we’ve established the importance of location scouting, let’s explore the steps involved:

  1. Storyboard Savvy: A storyboard is a visual blueprint for your video, breaking down scenes with sketches or images. During this stage, identify the specific needs of each scene. Is it a bustling city street or a quiet meadow? A modern office or a vintage apartment? Having a clear vision of your location requirements will guide your scouting efforts.

  2. Location Research: The internet is your friend! Social media platforms like Instagram can also be a treasure trove for visually inspiring spots. Ask around if you know people who live in certain areas you are interesting in shooting.

  3. Hit the Ground Running: Don’t rely solely on online searches — you really have to scout it out!! Get out there and explore! Visit potential locations in person to get a true sense of the space, considering factors like lighting, noise levels, and accessibility. Take photos and videos to document your findings and to help visualize the shot before the official shoot day.

  4. Permissions and Paperwork: Once you’ve identified a top contender, research any permits or permissions required for filming. This might involve contacting property owners, city officials, or park rangers. Factor any permit costs into your budget.

  5. Plan B is Your Friend: Even the most meticulous planning can encounter unforeseen circumstances. Always have a backup location in mind in case your primary choice falls through.

Bonus Tip!

When scouting locations, keep an open mind! Sometimes the most unexpected places can be transformed into perfect settings with a little creativity. Or sometimes when you show up to the anticipated location, something changes, people are there taking up your space, or weather isn’t as expected. Don’t fear, there can always be good to come out of unexpected situations. In our Jetboil vlog, you can see us quickly change location plans after people were in our originally planned spot. But, it actually turned out to be better than before!

Happy scouting! Let us know if you have any other questions!

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