Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over the Design World?

November 7, 2022
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November 7, 2022 chase.bloomcreativ

Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over the Design World?

In the creative world, tech has made a big breakthrough. Developers have created an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that can simulate any word to an image or art totally made by AI. There are already multiple AI content platforms that creators and businesses are using to make the process of creating content faster. In this article, we will dive into if artificial intelligence will be more harmful than helpful. Where will traditional ways of graphic design, photography and mixed media go in the future of tech given these new platforms are emerging?


Photo by Adi Goldstein

From historic symbols, moveable type, paper printing, industrial revolution to modern day design – the world of creating graphics has evolved tremendously. Back in the day where having your hands on the creative process meant manually putting letters together to print an ad. Modern day technology has helped creators move to the digital space of mixed media. Now we can almost create anything digitally!


Photo by Florian Klauer

I believe that graphic designers (more so in human form) are essential to society. Having community within the creative world and working together in collaboration is what brings us together. In a more individual standpoint, self-expression is important. Bringing artificial intelligence into the picture might disrupt the value of human connection and the value of an individual’s piece of art. Here are the pros and cons that lists my subjective view of AI’s impact on society:


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AI Content Platform Pros:

  • Efficient Content Creation
  • Innovative Specific Graphic Designs
  • Cost Effective
  • Convenient

AI Content Platform Cons:

  • Devaluing Art and Artists
  • Not 100% Accurate
  • No Collaboration and Community
  • No Specific Personalization or Changes to Designs

Looking at this list, it’s easy to see it from black and white perspective. Designers and AI content platforms can co-exist together. It can be used as a tool rather than a competition between the two. To answer our original question, where will traditional graphic design, photography and mixed media be now that these platforms are emerging? I don’t think creators are going anywhere. Designers are essential to the art community. Without innovative humans, we won’t progress as a society. Brands and companies will always need more than a generated graphic for content. In a visual world, there is room for everyone.

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Article written by Senior Editor/Producer Devin Phaly.

Released 11/07/2022.

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