3 Content Creation Apps You Need Going Into 2023

October 13, 2022
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3 Content Creation Apps You Need Going Into 2023

With social media growing the past decade, the purposes of using social media has expanded exponentially. Now companies are building their brand on these platforms, anyone and everyone is making fun reels/short videos and it’s easier to stay connected with each other! Creating content has been made easily accessible to the masses. We as Bloom have compiled three of our most used content creation tools that you need going into 2023.

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Organization is important to us as a small creative agency – brainstorming ideas, conceptualizing projects, meeting notes, etc… the list goes on with this tool! Notion is a project management and note-taking software platform designed for individuals or teams to stay organized and be more efficient. As an individual I’ve used Notion to write journal entries, jot down my spontaneous thoughts and ideas, and organize my filming/editing projects that I have planned. It’s even great to make task lists and moodboards! We believe that organization, pre-production planning, and intentionality is key to improving the quality of your content. Every project starts with an idea, Notion is a great tool to bring these creative ideas into reality.

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Now that you’ve got your project planned out, it’s time to create. A majority of us have smartphones. From the touch of your finger –  filming a video, snapping a photo, editing, and posting can be as fast as a few minutes. We love organic and time efficient content. Sometimes we want to add a little spice to our content. Our second application to make our lives easier is Unfold! Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok stories have been taking over sharing live content in a quick, fun way to invite others into your world. Unfold provides the tools to make your stories unique with beautiful templates and easy plug-and-play design gadgets for photos and videos. They have a vast amount of different aesthetics to explore to “Unfold” your creativity. Sorry that was bad lol.

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Photo by Malte Helmhold from Unsplash

We leave the best for last. If you’re not using this app by now, you’re missing out! Don’t want to get too complicated with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, we believe Canva is a great entry way for creators of all levels to start making their own content. Canva is a free online graphic design tool but also has the capabilities to generate videos, presentations, animations, graphics with their templates and resources to make design easier. We love the stock images and vector graphics that they provide for free! What’s great is that it’s easy to resize the content for the various platforms. It’s time to get started with your content, we gave you three tools to have a jumpstart. Now go and create what you need to share with the world!

written by: devin phaly, senior editor/producer

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