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Feb 26, 2024

5 Trending Video Editing Effects & Transitions to Use in 2024

As a Senior Editor at Bloom, I’ve grown to become better at filming for the edit. We’ve always heard to “fix it in post” or “do it in post” but the game-changing detail is to plan and be intentional about specific transitions/effects and if it makes sense. This process saves us a ton of time because we already know what the final video will look like. I get inspired by my peers and creators from all over the world in the film industry; I’ve been noticing multiple trends when it comes to editing and transitions. So here are 5 Trending Editing Effects & Transitions that I recommend to be using in 2024!


The Match Cut

Everyone loves this transition because it’s so pleasing to the eye. The Match Cut is one of the most popular transitions as of recently. The technique seamlessly links when the composition consists of a subject that stays in the same position for two different cuts and the next cut has a change in set design, location, clothing, accessories, etc. The subject can be a person or an object that is similar in shape and composition. We used this in our shoot with CSBSJU in their Christmas video, here’s an example below.

Barbie Movie

CSBSJU Christmas Video (2023)


The Jump Cut

Similar to the Match Cut, there’s another cut that is popular in video editing. The Jump Cut is a technique used when the subject of the composition is the same but the cut will jump forward in time to show progression of the scene – normally the subject or object will change in position but the focal distance is the same. 

Carly Gibert – Dropping Seeds (2023)


The Dolly Zoom

The next effect is the Dolly Zoom. Shown throughout cinema in the years, the dolly zoom has taken its popularity to the moon and skyrocketed on social media and has changed the way people capture people’s attention from short-form and long-form videos. The dolly zoom is a technique when the subject or object is the focus of the composition and the camera is on a dolly rail, moving forward or backward to create emphasis or reveal more of the scene. You might have seen a variation of this effect called the Crash Zoom. Something simple as a dolly zoom or digital zoom creates a sense of importance and draws the view in. You can easily make a video enticing by adding these simple effects to your videos.

Do Revenge (2022)


The Whip Pan

The Whip Pan is a transition I LOVE to use. This effect is used to switch the viewer’s attention from one subject to another by seamlessly panning the camera from left or right and creating a motion from one scene or subject to another. I’ve used this transition in a lot of projects to move from scene to scene and to either establish or focus on a subject or object. We used this transition in our Jetboil Spec Video in the ending scene to focus on the application of the product and love how it turned out!

Sports Direct – Women’s Euro (2022)

Jetboil Spec Video (2023)


Motion Blur

I’m a big fan of creating movement in my videos. One creative way to implement some movement is by adding some Motion Blur. Generating motion blur in camera or in post-production editing has helped capture the movement of subjects and adding energy or distortment to the video. I normally do this in camera by filming double my frame rate or filming in Slow Shutter – which is having your shutter speed at a fraction of your frame rate. If you’re filming in 24fps, this could look like ⅓ shutter instead of 1/48 shutter. In editing, you can imitate this effect by messing around with blend modes and time remapping/force motion blur.

Dua Lipa – Training Season (2024)

Metro Boomin & Future – Superheroes (2022)

Now you know some effects and transitions to spice up your videos! These 5 video effects and transitions can take your editing game to the next level and they are simple to execute. You can find more editing effects and transition examples on We pull examples from their library of inspiration to implement in our videos. If you use one of these effects in your videos, please tag us and we’d love to see how you use them in your future projects!

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Written by Senior Editor, Devin Phaly – February 26, 2024

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