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cait doty
cait doty

Jan 26, 2024

Model Highlight: Cait Doty

Embracing Passion, Confidence, and Unique Experiences in Modeling

Meet Cait Doty, a 28-year-old model with a vibrant spirit, originally from Iowa and now thriving in Minnesota. Cait shares her interests and experiences, unveiling the layers that make her more than just a model.

Personal Life Insights:

Cait’s journey started in Iowa, but her heart found a home in Minnesota for the past four years. Besides her artistic pursuits, Cait has played tennis, though it has been a while since she last played, the love for the game still lingers. Her arts and crafts include painting on canvases and crafting jewelry, a testament to her appreciation for fashion and clothing. Cait’s affinity for the outdoors and nature peaks during the warm months in Minnesota, and she cherishes her travels, especially to warmer destinations. Despite being a fashion enthusiast, Cait is also on a mission to spend more time reading books instead of scrolling through social media.

Delving more into Cait’s personal life, Cait revealed that her connection with kids runs deep. With an impressive 15 years of experience, starting as a babysitter at the age of 12 and later working in an elementary school working with special needs students, Cait has a big heart for kids and individuals with special needs.

Cait’s self-care secret lies in keeping her space clean. After a long day, she finds solace in maintaining a tidy environment, coupled with activities like face masks and reading books. Her unique touch includes using “mood lighting” instead of overhead lights to create a calming atmosphere.

Model Industry Insights:

Cait’s modeling journey commenced at the age of 16 when she found inspiration in watching America’s Next Top Model while babysitting. The pivotal moment occurred during her first shoot in New York, where she went from a guardian figure for a friend to being in hair and makeup unexpectedly. This experience propelled her to explore more photoshoots, find an agency, and pursue modeling. Recognizing limited opportunities in Iowa, she made the strategic move to Minnesota, where she currently engages in bridal, commercial, non-speaking commercial, and fashion modeling.

The meticulous preparation for a modeling gig involves packing essentials the night before, re-reading the shot list, and ensuring she arrives early on set. Cait’s commitment to being on time (or early!) not only reflects professionalism but also allows her to stay calm and composed.

Cait actively dispels misconceptions about models, addressing the stereotypes of being stuck up and the narrow perception that models are limited to runway work. According to Cait, models are a delightful bunch of kind, normal people exploring various facets of the modeling world and there are so many different, unique pathways to modeling, nothing is limited.

One of Cait’s standout shoot experiences took place at the Mall of America, where she underwent a transformative styling process. Her hair, styled in a way she didn’t know was possible, coupled with a vibrant outfit, created a visually stunning and memorable shoot. It wasn’t crazy in a negative sense but rather an extraordinary and cool experience that she thoroughly enjoyed.

Advice for Aspiring Models

In navigating the competitive landscape, Cait emphasizes the importance of growing into confidence, being genuine, speaking up for oneself, and staying true to personal morals. These qualities, she believes, are crucial for sustained success in the industry.

Cait’s advice for aspiring models is: practice, practice, practice! She encourages continuous practice, urging them to grab a friend, an iPhone, and venture out to learn poses. Emphasizing the value of a diverse portfolio, Cait highlights the significance of updating it regularly and maintaining an active presence on social media. While acknowledging that not every opportunity will be paid, she underscores the importance of showcasing a range of photos to demonstrate skills and attract different clients.

Addressing the commonality of pre-shoot nerves, Cait acknowledges feeling them in her stomach on the way to a shoot. However, she shares a valuable perspective that nerves indicate how much you care. She listens to music in the car to relax, reminding herself that she was chosen for a reason and is doing what she loves.

Cait Doty’s journey is a multifaceted narrative, blending personal passions, professional insights, and unique experiences within the modeling industry. Beyond the glitz and glamour, she brings a genuine passion for life, a love for kids, and a commitment to self-improvement. Cait has great advice for aspiring models, encouraging them to embrace practice, diversity, and unwavering confidence.

We have been lucky enough to work with Cait in multiple projects at Bloom Creativ. Check out Cait in our Model This or That? Youtube video! Reach out to us if you have any questions or are interested in getting involved as a model in the production world!

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